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Have Royal Vacuums Had There Day?

Royal vacuum cleaners originally hit the market in the early 1900s, but through the years there have been a few changes in ownership that allowed the company to prosper into our current day. They have managed to stay marketable and competitive through the years by staying true to their mission of providing high quality vacuums at affordable prices.

Today, the ideal of providing high quality, durable vacuums remains the primary mission of Royal. The parts used on their vacuums are very high quality and durable, even when placed on residential models. They make very strong commercial vacuums as well as upright and canister residential vacuums.

Royal even offers lifetime warranties on some parts for their vacuums. This shows that they stand behind their products and believe in the durability of the parts they use.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Royal vacuum cleaners on the market today. A lot has changed since the early 1900s when the company was originally formed!

Commercial Royal Vacuum Cleaners

Royal offers a variety of vacuums designed for the heavy strains of commercial use. There are standard upright models designed with high quality filtration systems as well as all-metal upright vacuums that are extremely durable yet surprisingly lightweight.

There are no canister vacuums offered for commercial cleaning, but backpack vacuums that can be hauled around on your back are available. They can be useful if you ever wondered about the best way to get dog hair out of car upholstery. Very small commercial grade sweepers are also available along with carpet extractors and heavy duty commercial equipment. Personally, I prefer to use a Dyson V6 Absolute.

Residential Upright Royal Vacuum Cleaners

Royal upright vacuum cleaners pride themselves on lasting longer than other vacuums, but they also claim to make your carpeting last longer. This is due to high quality metal parts that are used, including metal fans, handles, and metal nozzles that are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Upright vacuums from Royal include the Royal Privilege vacuum, the Royal Lightweight Upright, and two vacuum series:

  • Royal Eminence Series
  • Royal Everlast Series

The Royal Privilege vacuum comes with a five stage HEPA filtration system and packs a lot of power. The Royal Lightweight Upright vacuums are very small and easy to push around and store, yet they are made with the same high quality, durable parts found on other Royal vacuums. Another lightweight vacuum is the V6 cordless from Dyson.

The Eminence Series vacuums are self-propelled and are designed to be extremely easy to push. They are also equipped with HEPA filtration systems. Vacuums in the Everlast Series are more basic. They are very lightweight and include very durable, high quality parts.

Residential Canister Royal Vacuum Cleaners

There are four different models of the Royal Lexon canister vacuum. These vacuums are designed to be lightweight and easy to take up stairs, around corners and through all the smaller quarters of your home. They are also designed with a wide variety of flooring in mind, so they can be used just as easily on plush carpeting as hardwood and tile.

The main difference between the different canister vacuum models is the type of filtration and displays used. Some have digital displays while others are very basic. All use bags, so there is currently no bagless model to select.

Other Residential Royal Vacuum Cleaners

Royal also markets central vacuums that clean the air inside your home as well as carpet extractors for the residential market. These advanced products are just like all the other Royal vacuums: basic and simplistic yet highly durable and functional.