What are some of the effects of introducing Anavar into the body?

When one ingests Anavar in their body, there are quite a number of positive results that one can expect. Some of these benefits will range from muscle building advantages to others such as healing wounds. When categorizing, oxandrolone has been seen to be a strong drug for women rather than men. This is especially for those women who seek to gain lean muscle mass.

However, Anavar still has a good number of benefits to the body for both bodybuilders and even medical patients. Below are some of the benefits that one will enjoy from using this anabolic steroid;

Fat loss

If you are on a mission to shed off that extra fat in your body, then this is the drug for you. Fat loss is one of the reasons why Anavar is a coveted drug among most of the bodybuilders. A study which was conducted back in 2004 showed that men aged 60 to 87 showed a reduction of fat over a period of 12 weeks. This is after they maintained a dosage of 20mg on a daily basis over that period. Also, after they had completed the dosage, a test showed that these people retained their 83% of their fat reductions. This shows how the important role the drug plays in reducing fat.

Healing wounds

This is one of the benefits of this drug which is little known by people. It has the ability to increase the rate of healing in wounds and injuries making them heal faster. This is good news for medical patients who can use this drug to heal their wounds faster.

Enhanced respiratory system

Anavar has been proven to really boost pulmonary function. It also has the ability to reduce breathlessness for those patients suffering from Tetraplegia. This is a paralysis which normally results from an injury. In this case, one loses partial or whole usage of their limbs and torso. Since it enhances the increment of red blood cells, it enables most athletes to endure and thus boost their performance.

Increasing of strength

Another of the common uses of Anavar is increasing the strength of a person. According to a research done in 2012, usage of this drug showed severely burned children gain more strength in their muscles which lasted for up to five years after the burn. For athletes, this is a drug which can be used to greatly enhance their muscle strength and thus boost their performance.

Muscle building

On its own, Anavar may not perform well when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass. However, when it is combined with proper diet, it can really perform excellently. A healthy female athlete can also benefit from this steroid to increase muscle mass. Since it works better for women than men, it has been branded as ‘testosterone for women’.

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